Automatic lip reading and video transcription

Lipsight is a startup company bringing artificial intelligence to lip reading.

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Why LipSight?



LipSight uses the most advanced video and language analysis technologies to transform
speech from inaudible videos to text.

About LipSight

LipSight is an Israeli based Artificial Intelligence startup working in the field of complex video analysis. We are specializing in facial movement recognition, specifically, lip reading.

We are a team of experts with 10+ years of experience building cutting edge technological solutions for government, private enterprise and academia. We have developed mission critical systems for clients ranging the fields: Cyber Security, CRM and BI and data analysis. We have developed large information systems, with emphasis on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, BigData, Natural Language Processing and Image and Video analysis. All our founders served in Elite Israeli Technological Military Units and have academic expertise and achievements.

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We are currently gathering our first users who will enjoy the privilege of having a product which is tailor made for their exact needs from a lip reading and facial analysis platform.

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